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Buddy Rhodes & his poppa with no skunk smell

Buddy Rhodes is a real dog...found by the guy who created De-Skunkin' Jubilee™, talked the guy into taking him in for a night, ended up moving in.

About 2-and-a-half years after being taken in, Buddy tried to eat, then was sprayed by, a skunk. Buddy quickly regretted this action.

At home, Buddy Rhodes's poppa looked up home de-skunking remedies...and they were all scary. Why use dangerous hydrogen peroxide or chemical-laden dish soap on your dog? Tomoto juice? Lemon? No way! He knew these were NOT safe or good for his Bud. So he did a TON of research, came up with an early mix for which Buddy was the test subject. It worked!

Later, friends were nice enough to test this "De-Skunkin' Jubilee" on their own dogs. No skunks were harmed in testing. Nor were the dogs. They got some baths, were 100% clean, then were given treats. They were happy.

As for being certain De-Skunkin' Jubilee does not sting eyes, Buddy's dad tested that out...on himself. Yup -- grabbed a handful and threw it into his own eyes! No stinging, no tearing; all was well in the world (true story).

Buddy himself is a very private and elusive figure. The only known pictures of him are on this site. And the BRP logo (above) is merely an artist's rendition based on whispers from people in Buddy's hometown, those who may or may not have actually glimpsed him in passing.

Buddy Rhodes and his owner plan on creating further products for the betterment of animals everywhere.

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