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Don't use peroxide or tomato juice or perfumes!


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"When Buddy was sprayed, I realized peroxide & other home remedies like tomato juice were clearly NOT safe...so I created something that was."
                                    --Keith, Buddy's poppa &
                                       creator of De-Skunkin' Jubilee

Buddy cares. If your pet was sprayed by a skunk and you want to get skunk stink out of your pet, you do not have to buy our product, but please learn about the dangers of the far-too-common home "remedies"....


1. All About Home Remedies

2. Please Avoid H202

3. More on De-Skunkin' Jubilee!

4. Instructions for Use

1. All About Home Remedies

All respected vets and pet experts recommend AVOIDING hydrogen peroxide...

We all know dogs and cats usually get sprayed in the face and...
- Hydrogen Peroxide bleaches coat, makes it brittle; dries out skin; is watery, hard to keep out of eyes and is also dangerous to their eyes (baking soda is safe).
- Dish Soap: has harsh chemicals, dries skin (i.e., "dishpan hands"); the chemicals "get grease out of the way," so will work to a degree but will NOT break down the chemical makeup of skunk stink on its own.
- Tomato juice: simply doesn't work, dyes coat orange/red, is acidic & will hurt eyes 'n' skin. (Citrus is the same by the way...)
- Mouth wash: hard to keep out of dog's eyes & clearly has harsh chemicals -- plus alcohol!
- Vinegar: covers the smell, doesn't clean it; cannot chemically break down skunk stink.
- Feminine Hygiene Products (yes, people do this): has several salts in them (thus, bad for skin & eyes) and most contain harsh chemicals* & that's bad for skin, eyes, coat.
* If you would like further information on this, e-mail us; we've researched the chemicals and ingredients of several products.

2. Please Avoid H202

- peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical
- it will greatly discolor your pet's coat
- it will also weaken the fibers of the fur, making the fur brittle!
- it can severely damage your pet's eyes, according to several vets, possibly blind them
- it can dry out your pet's skin, causing flaking & itching
- it will sting any cuts or scrapes (which is OK in small doses & if cleaning a cut or scrape but not so good for eyes), and...
- while it's OK to drink in small doses (1 tsp.), if your pet swallows a lot of it, it could cause severe pain and vomiting (which we hear is a good remedy if your dog accidentally eats chocolate [please check w/your vet, we're NOT chocolate experts! ;) ]).

3. More on De-Skunkin' Jubilee!

De-Skunkin' Jubilee is...
- NOT going to discolor your pet's coat, like peroxide
- NOT going to hurt their eyes if you accidentally get it in their eyes!
- NOT going to dry-out or in any way damage your pet's skin
- NOT simply going to mask the scent like most other store skunk remedies
- NOT a shampoo -- it's a special wash & 2-part process!
- NOT acidic like citrus, tomato juice or other home remedies
(which don't work anyway ;] )

The exact mixture is a Trade Secret, like Coca-Cola™ or KFC's™ fried chicken recipe...but natural oils, herbs and other ALL-NATURAL ingredients are mixed together in a way to SAFELY rid your pet of skunk stink!

The ingredients continue to be perfected as we're a VERY young company, but two things will always remain:
1. It will never EVER be harmful to your pet's eyes, coat, or skin.
2. It will ALWAYS be 100% effective and not merely a perfume like other similar products.

De-Skunkin' Jubilee's size and shape is specially made so you can hold it with one hand. This allows you to have one hand free to hold your pet in the bathtub and wash him or her with ease.

It's a 2-Part process. Bottle #1 works to neutralize the skunk stink. Bottle #2 is a special wash that gets into the fur to, basically, help you shampoo the smell completely out of your pet.

4. Instructions for Use

The following instructions are included with every De-Skunkin' Jubilee kit:

1. Get your four-legged troublemaker into a tub or shower. Wet him/her down!

2. Shake the bottles to mix the ingredients

3. White-Cap Bottle #1: Flick the cap open & squeeze the mix into hand or onto pet -- apply mix everywhere your pet was sprayed. Sprayed in the face? Put some into one hand, "paint" mix onto pet's face with fingers (motioning away from eyes) to better control flow around eyes & mouth.*

4. LIGHTLY Rub-in Mix #1 everywhere your pet is covered with skunk stink.** Work it lightly into the undercoat, pushing the fur toward the head.

5. Rinse your pet well! Rinse your hands.

6. After rinse, make certain your pet's fur is up, "against the grain" so it stands on end.

7. Open, squeeze Black-Cap Bottle #2 into hand or on pet; cover ALL skunked spots.

8. Work Mix #2 DEEP into the fur, under-coat & skin and CONTINUE FOR 2-3 FULL minutes. Really Get Into the Coat!

9. Rinse your li'l scoundrel -- really well.

10.Use a quality pet shampoo to remove any final remnants of oils or stink.

  * While your pet's eyes are safe from stinging, do not use Bottle 2 to rinse contents of Bottle 1. Just use cold water.

  ** Remember, one De-Skunkin' Jubilee kit is made for short-haired dogs of up to 50lbs. If your pet is larger and/or has long, thick fur, you may need more! If your pet's fur is long/thick like a Chow Chow's, you may have to scrunch contents into fur.

Buddy Rhodes does NOT advocate harming skunks. If you've a skunk problem, call an expert to safely remove them without hurting them.

Buddy Rhodes would like you to note that this product has had limited testing but dogs have had no adverse reactions.

This product will NOT work on fabrics!